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Unlocking Global Opportunities Through Business, Tax & Immigration Services

We understand the unique challenges that come with operating in an international business environment.

Innovative Tax Preparation and Tax Planning for Businesses. Work with us to find the best tax solutions.

Specializes in providing legal assistance and advice to individuals, families, and businesses seeking to move or immigrate to the USA.

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Our Amazing Team

Business and Tax Team

Alexandra Rodriguez


Gem Rodriguez Redondo

Sr. Tax Dept Manager

Walter Jimenez

Tax Specialist & Office Administrator

John Duenas

Sr. Tax Department Manager and Head Strategist

Dina Duenas

Attorney (Mexico)

America Hernandez

Payroll Manager and Business Formation Specialist

Ana Karen Cordero

Business Formation Specialist

Gabriela Hurtado

Accounting Dept. Manager

Jennifer Huerta

Tax Office Assistant

Amy Jimenez

Accounting Specialist
Our Amazing Team

Immigration Team

Ricardo Farfan

International Sales Manager and Business Advisor

Lizzethe Garcia

Immigration Attorney (MX) iBi Professional Representative

Inspiration, innovation, and opportunities.

Our expertise can ensure that your tax and immigration procedures are smoothly streamlined. We can support you throughout your business journey, from the initial stages to long-term successes, and with any legal requirements that may arise.

IRBusiness is an ideal partner for companies looking to establish themselves in Mexico and the US. We understand the unique challenges that come with operating in an international business environment and have the expertise to help companies navigate these obstacles successfully.

Innovative Tax Preparation and Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals. Work with IRB.Tax’s experienced team of tax specialists to find the best tax solutions for your situation.

We at IRB Immigration are experts in navigating the complex and ever-changing immigration laws and regulations.

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